Dr. Hanho Lee

CTO, Beyonder AS


I have done R&D on the Battery since 1990 as well as Technology Marketing since 2011. I worked for the battery maker (LG Chem.) for 17 years as well as the high energy battery electrode materials maker (SEJIN) for 2 years. I worked for xEV automotive company (SAIC) to develop the HEV PHEV EV Battery System as Battery Expert Director from March 2015 to November 2016. After SAICI worked for SAMSUNG SDI. I was in charge of xEV battery product planning and technology marketing. From 2022 I have been a part of the great journey with Beyonder as CTO in Norway 2022. To summarize my background are as below.

- 32 years Battery R&D and Biz experience

- All type of Battery R&D and Commercialization(coin, cylindrical, prismatic, pouch)

- Battery Low Material to Pack System Integration(chemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical)

- Very Early Stage R&D to Manufacturing Process of Battery

- Technology Marketing of Various Applications(portable device, ESS and automotive)

- Battery New Product Concept, Design and Process Capability

- Design & Implementation of All LGC Automotive Batteries from 2006 to 2013

- Battery technology road map of material, product type and new advanced technology

- Engineering assessment of cutting-edgetechnology of new electrochemistry for example, solid state battery




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