Mr. Brian Morin, Phd

CEO, Soteria Battery Innovation Group


Brian Morin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Soteria Battery Innovation Group, a company dedicated to enabling in herently safe batteries everywhere.  Their technology is put out as an open-innovation platform to the consortium of 125+companies that they founded and run, and is being integrated into product plans in several applications.  He received his bachelor's degree in physicsf rom the University of North Carolina, and his masters degree and PhD from the Ohio State University, both in Materials Physics.  An innovator at heart, he has been an entrepreneur since 2004 and has co-authored over 250 global patents and applications.


"Eliminating the spark that ignites thermalrunaway in lithium-ion batteries"

Lithium-ion batteries ignite when the electrical energy in the battery is released,creating a spark that drives the batteries into thermal runaway.  In this presentation, the use of metallized polymer current collectors will be described which can act as a fuse inside the battery, eliminating the spark that can cause batteries to ignite.

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