Mr. Eldad Caspi

VP of Business Development, Carrar


Eldad Caspi - Bio

Eldad is an entrepreneur by nature and a team player with over 20 years of experience in leading start-ups and global organizations in the automotive, cyber, communication, and fintech arenas. Eldad has a strong background in leading ventures from ideation to global implementation and from commercialization to IPO and M&A. Eldad served as Director of Business Development at Mellanox (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading multinational supplier of high-performance computer networking products (acquired by Nvidia). In addition, he was the Founder, CEO, and VP of Business Development of Lead IP Systems, a start-up developing IP-based communication systems (acquired by RAD Data Communications Corporation). Previously, Eldad was VP of Mergers and Acquisitions and Business Development at Sky-Vision, a backbone satellite communication service provider (acquired by Disney Group). Before that, Eldad served as CEO of EasyPark (OTI, NASDAQ: OTIV), a leading supplier of contactless smart cards technologies for e-Payments and e-ID, led the company to its first successful IPO. Eldad is a co-author of several patents in the automotive, cyber, and communication arenas.


"Battery Safety, Lifetime, and High Performance - Two-Phase Thermal Management Solutions for eMobility"

Electric vehicles are taking off. However, they are plagued by critical challenges, namely short battery lifetime, poor battery performance, safety, and difficulty working in extreme weather conditions. A new thermal management technology based on two-phase cooling addresses the above challenges by keeping battery temperature steady regardless of fast charging and car acceleration conditions and in extreme ambient temperatures such as the Scandinavian winter. Keeping battery temperature steady down to the cell level also lowers the occurrence of thermal runaway and thermal propagation, thereby increasing the safety of electric cars.

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