Mr. Dirk Spiers

CEO, Spiers New Technologies


Dirk Spiers is the founder and CEO of Spiers New Technologies.

He is a pioneer and leader in the repair, remanufacturing and refurbishment of advanced batterypacks as well as the manufacturing of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) utilizing new or second life battery modules and cells. He has developed and established Advanced Battery Pack programs with some of the leading EV OEM’s as well as multiple United States National Laboratories. The company is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with an additional operations center for the Europemarket in Ede, Netherlands.


Spiers New Technologies (SNT) specializes in the manufacturing, refurbishment and repair of high voltage powertrainsystems and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). As large financial commitments by vehicle manufacturers come to fruition in the full electrification of the drivetrain for vehicles, this market will experience exponential growth.  Such market growth will lead to the need for services in handling advance automotive battery packs to 2nd life applications and use.  SNT as a leader in the experience of handling thousands of advanced battery packs to date will speak to trends experiencedand lessons learned to date.

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