Dr. Johan Fridner, PhD

Electrochemical specialist, Battery Technology, Norsk Hydro ASA


Johan Fridner has worked with battery technology for 15 years. He has a PhD in materials science on the topic of new lithium salts and electrolytes forl ithium based batteries (2011). He performed a postdoc on computational modelling of electrolyte decomposition at the National Institute of Material Science in Tsukuba, Japan (2014). As an Assistant Professor at Chalmers University of Technology (2014-2016) he developed computational and experimental characterization tools for Li-ion, Li-S and Li-O2 electrolyte concepts together with partners in Warsaw, Jinju/ Korea and Tsukuba/ Japan.

Johan worked as cell component owner at Volvo Cars (2017-2021) contributing strongly to the company's battery cell roadmap, the sourcing and validation of battery cells for vehicle projects, and was leading multiple R&D activities with the objective to understand and implement next-generation battery cell/ control technologies.

Today, as an electrochemical specialist within the Hydro Batteries business unit, Johan monitors battery technology and R&D, assess specific technologies of potential partners, and initiate/ manage in-house R&D activities to support existing assets as well as create a basis for future industrial positions. Johan shares responsibility for the technology roadmap and supports the overall strategic work of Hydro Batteries.”


"Norsk Hydro Battery assets & strategic direction"

Norsk Hydro is expanding beyond its core Aluminum and Hydro power business with investments in New Energy: Renewable Energy, Green Hydrogen and Batteries. The Hydro Batteries business unit has built the first few positions of Norsk Hydro in the battery value chain through partnerships in maritime battery systems solutions (Corvus Energy), Li-ion battery recycling (Hydrovolt) and synthetic graphite anode production (Vianode). This presentation will provide a status update of the aforementioned assets and an overview of the strategic activities and goals for Hydro Batteries for the future.

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