Mr. Richard Clark

Global Lead, Energy Storage, Morgan Advanced Materials


“Educated as a chemical engineer at the University of Cambridge in England, Richard Clark has been with Morgan Advanced Materials (LSE: MGAM) for over 30 years, developing and commercializing carbon and ceramic materials and components. He leads Morgan’s work in energy storage, which encompasses all businesses related to lithium‐ion batteries and fuel cells as well as products directly or indirectly related to electric vehicles. Most recently he has focused on the manufacture and use of ceramics in and around lithium‐ion batteries.”


“Although there are several systems which can help with early identification of thermal runaway in a cell, elimination of its propagation is the only means to prevent battery-related fires in Electric Vehicles when the electrolyte is a flammable liquid. One way in which the issues with thermal runaway propagation are addressed is using a low energy density cell chemistry like Lithium Titanate (anode) or Lithium Iron Phosphate (cathode). Given the critical need to minimize Electric Vehicle fires, this talk will cover multiple options to address the apparent dichotomy between safety and energy density.”

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