Mr. Stian Madshus

Vice President (PhD), Elkem Carbon, Battery Materials


Dr. Stian Madshus is leading Elkem Carbon’s battery materials business unit. With a true passion for carbon materials and a solid understanding of the industry’s requirements and challenges, Stian is committed to provide the lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers with advanced graphite anode materials produced in a sustainable way.

Stian was awarded a PhD degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology specializing in carbon materials technology. He has since held various positions within a range of areas from process management to R&D and international marketing and sales.


Title:"Elkem: Integrated material solutions for the battery industry"

Presenter:Stian Madshus


With the rapid development in electrification of the transport sector and the increasing need for energy storage systems, the demand for lithium-ion battery cells is surging. A key component of the cell is the anode, where graphite plays the most important role today. For further increase of the energy density of the anode, silicon-graphite composite materials are believed to be the solution for tomorrow. Elkem is an established large-scale manufacturer of both synthetic graphite and silicon, and our thoughts on green and sustainable production of high-performance active anode materials will be shared in the first part of this presentation.

One of the main challenges for manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles (H&EV) is to ensure that the electrical and electronic parts in these new-generation vehicles are efficient, reliable and safe. Silicones play an essential role in producing high-performance H&EVs since they are used in a wide range of solutions for the assembly, integrity and protection of critical parts in these new vehicles. The second part of this presentation will introduce Elkem as a fully integrated producer of advanced silicone materials and focus on our solutions for battery packs and modules.

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