Mr. Yednesh Parnaik

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Enevate Corp.


Yednesh Parnaik is a strategic, innovative, and forward-thinking business executive with 18+ years of diverse experience in engineering, program management,finance, and business development. He is a Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Enevate Corporation, a leader in advanced battery technology for Electric Vehicles. In this position, he provides leadership to a high-performance customer sales and product marketing team to develop and implement a global customer strategy to accelerate commercialization of new technologies, ML/AI efforts, define product roadmaps and guide product innovation. Yednesh previously held leadership positions within automotive space including recently managing energy storage products and solutions for conventional and electric vehicles. Yednesh is a mechanical engineer by education and has earned Master of Business Administration from University of Michigan.


"Fast charge, Fast track to Commercialization"

Enevate is commercializing its extreme fast-charge battery technology, which provides high performance and recharging of EVs as quickly as refueling with gasoline. In this talk, Enevate will update the audience on Enevate’s progress towards demonstrating scale and technology readiness with a recent Lightning motorcycle demo, qualifying ‘A-Sample’ EV cells with partners, and discuss the company’smove into a 125,000 sq ft expanded facility that will house its pre-production line and growing team of engineers and scientists. Enevate will utilize the new facility to greatly increase its battery production line capabilities and serveas a demonstration facility for automakers and battery manufacturers seeking to produce batteries in industrial-scale battery factories, including large gigafactories.

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