Dr. Arden Johnson

Fellow Scientist - Research and Development, Electrochem Solutions Inc.


Arden Johnson holds the title of Fellow Scientist at Electrochem Solutions, Inc., located in Raynham, Massachusetts, USA.  Electrochem is a leading supplier of high energy power solutions for the oil-and-gas, oceanographic, and military markets.  Arden holds a B.S.in chemistry from Yale University and a Ph.D. in in organic chemistry from Stanford University.  He has been engaged for more than thirty years in research on primary and secondary lithium batteries, with a particular focus on high-energy lithium-based batteries that operate under extreme conditions.


"Underground and Under the Sea: New Developments in Lithium Primary Batteries"

Lithium primary batteries are able to deliver much higher energy density over a broader range of temperatures and other physical conditions than even the most advanced lithium-based rechargeables. For many applications primary batteries are the best or even the only option. In this talk we will present results for new primary batteries with increased power and higher capacity that are suited for both undersea and high temperature environments.