Dr. Jens Groot

Chief Engineer Battery System at Polestar


Dr. Jens Groot is currently holding the position as Chief Engineer Battery Systems atPolestar in Sweden where he supports advanced engineering work as well asparticipates in Polestar's battery development. Before joining Polestar heworked with strategic battery R&D at Volvo Cars and as a technicalspecialist at Volvo Group. He received his PhD from Chalmers University ofTechnology, where the main focus of his research was on high-power Li-ionbattery lifetime prediction and modelling.


"Polestar Advanced Engineering: Designing Structural and Sustainable Battery Packsfor Fast-Charging"

To reach state-of-charge-art energy density most OEMs strive to reach a very high level ofintegration in their battery packs with concepts such as cell-to-pack andcell-to-body. This can, however, be difficult to combine with fast-charging anda design-for-recyclability approach. This presentation will present some recentresults from an advanced engineering project at Polestar, aiming to showcasehow high level of integration, fast-charging and design for recyclability can be combined.