Dr. Rune Wendelbo

CEO, Shift Materials


Rune Wendelbo is CEO and co-founder of Shift Materials AS, with 39 years experience in materials science, specificly working with methodologies of synthesis and production of synthetic mineral analogs. With background as senior scientist in SINTEF, he founded Abalonyx AS in 2005, where he developed a unique, scalable process for production of graphene oxide. This technology was sold to Aker who rebranded it as LayerOne AS in 2021, In 2013 he co-founded Graphene Batteries AS, now MorrowTechnologies AS, together with Dr. Rahul Fotedar. Rune is currently also CTO of Lithium367 AS.

Rune holds a PhD degree in geology from the University of Oslo from 1987. He is inventor and co-inventor of about 30 patents, and was awarded SINTEFs prize for outstanding research in 2002 for his contribution to the development of high throughput methodolgy for synthesis and characterization of catalysts.  


“Preparing for production of LFP in Norway”

Shift Materials is a Norwegian start-up aiming at producing high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) type cathode active materials (CAM) in Norway for European battery manufacturers.

LFP is now gaining popularity in Europe and North America due to its low cost, long cycle life and safety. However, the lack of LFP producers inEurope is striking, considering that the market for this type of CAM is predicted to be worth 10,000 M€ by 2032.

The conventional methods of LFP synthesis are energy- and waste intensive. At Shift Materials, we have focus on identifying and sourcing optimal raw materials aiming at a production process characterized by cost-effectiveness and sustainability to overcome these challenges. Setting up a planned pilot with 30 tpa capacity has high priority.