MR. Frode Hvattum

Vice President, Sustainability, FREYR Batteries


Mr. Hvattum currently serves as Vice President, Sustainability at FREYR. Prior to joining FREYR, Mr. Hvattum held the position as Chief of Strategy & Sustainability in Ruter AS and Sustainability Services Lead in Accenture Nordics. Mr. Hvattum holds a licentiate degree in business administration from the University of Fribourg.


"No green shift without batteries,and we must radically change the way batteries are produced, used and reused"

We cannot reduce global warming without electrifying transport and replacing fossil-based energy production with renewable sources. Batteries are crucial to this transition, and we will need significantly more batteries than what is being produced today. However, the current battery value chain emits CO2 and poses significant risks to people and the environment due to the way batteries are produced and minerals are mined and refined. Norwegian companies aim to lead in sustainability, and in this session, we will explore what that entails.