Mr. Idar Kreutzer

Director International, NHO (Norwegian Confederation of Business)


Idar Kreutzer is a director at NHO. He oversees processes related to international affairs, digitalization through the DSOP-project and sustainable development. Kreutzer was the CEO of Finance Norway CEO of Storebrand and holds several board positions, including University of Oslo (UIO) and Oslo Academy of the arts. He is a memeber of Norwegian School of Economics NHH's Advisory Board. In 2018, Kreutzer submitted his report on access to risk capital in the Nordic region on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. From 2015 to 2016, he co-chaired the Government's expert committee on green competitiveness. He is a member of the Climate and Environment Minister's Climate Council. Mr. Kreutzer holds a MSc-degree in Economics and Business Administration from the NHH (Norwegian School of Economics).



The main subejct in this speak will be the result from Green Competitiveness, the importance of the battery industry for Norway and the status of the green shift in Norway/ EU/ USA, and thoughts about the future.