MR Jonas Erraia

Partner, Menon Economics


Mr. Jonas Erraia is a partner in Menon Economics.

He has a background in macroeconomics, having studied at the University of London (SOAS and LSE) and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, and has experience from institutions including Norges Bank, Deloitte, and the Danish Ministry of Taxation. Jonas works with issues related to green industrial development (with a special focus on batteries, hydrogen, offshore wind, power-intensive industries, etc.), regional economic analyses, macroeconomics, international trade, and econometric analyses. In addition, Jonas has developed a range of complex machine learning/ artificial intelligence models to solve economic problems. He has been the project manager in numerous major projects and has experience in leading complicated processes.

In addition to his job at Menon, Jonas teaches at both Copenhagen Business School and the University of Oslo, where he leads courses in time-series econometrics and machine learning.


Mr. Erraia will be a part of the Session 1: The Big Picture – status and outlook on the Day-2 parallel program

Program for Battery Norway-session at Oslo Battery Days - Battery Norway