Mr. Lukas Ridikas

Process Engineer/Supply Chain Manager, KILNTECK


Lukas Ridikas, initially born in France and now living in Austria, is a young passionate about energy production and storage technologies and sustainable development. With an academic background in Materials Science and Energy Engineering from Birmingham and Karlsruhe, he has pursued his professional career, working as a laboratory assistant and engineer in different fields related to the energy industry. He now works for the company KILNTECK, located in Vienna, as its Supply Chain Manager. 


"Advanced Kiln Design Calcination of Battery Active Materials"

KILNTECK is a kiln manufacturing company, developing, and providing advanced and sustainable battery kiln systems, for the thermal processing of battery active materials. KILNTECK will meet the growing demands from the downstream lithium-ion secondary battery sector for worldwide rising market areas.

In this presentation, the main requirements, and conditions necessary for the thermal processing of cathode active materials, and anode active materials are going to be discussed. The roller hearth kiln (RHK), the main type of kiln system solution used for this specific application, presents features and advantages that allows it to meet the difficult requirements for the heat treatment of battery powders. The features of the RHK are further going to be addressed during this talk, as well as their technical improvements and increased energy efficiency, including state-of-the-art waste-gas and heat recovery.

Sustainability being at the core of the topic, we will also present how KILNTECK will contribute not only to its own sustainability, but also to the sustainability of the customer by contributing to the reduction of their general process chain Carbon Footprint and hence make a Best-in-Class impact on the environment.