Mr. Martin Graz

CEO, Obrist Powertrain GmbH


Before his time with OBRIST Engineering, Martin Graz was in charge of the manufacturing, engineering and planning with a leading international manufacturer of electric and electronic components.

Joining OBRIST Engineering in 1998, Martin was responsible for the development project as technical director. With the founding of Obrist Powertrain Martin took over the responsibility for the development of the HyperHybrid and its main components ZVG and HV-Battery in the position of a COO.

Since 2022 Martin is leading the Obrist Powertrain as CEO


“Vacuum Battery Technology”, A highly innovative, compact, efficient and low cost solution for volume applications.

Originally invented for the application in aviation industry Obrist has transferred its “Vacuum Technology” Battery system into automotive application. This technology allows us to design a highly compact battery system without standing energy density values. Aside the innovative fixation and assembling technology, the implemented highly efficient thermal management marks a second technology highlight of the battery system that leads to an affordable, low cost battery system. Within the presentation we will guide you through the key innovations of the battery system.