Mr. Øystein Tvedten

Vice President Solutions, Beyonder AS


Øystein Tvedten currently holds the position as Vice President Solutions at Beyonder where he is responsible for integrating Beyonder cell technology into products such as module or container solutions with partners. Before joining Beyonder he worked with BESS System integrators and Oil&Gas industry with functions as Management, Project Management and Software technology. He received his Master degree in Cybernetic at Universityof Stavanger.  


“Beyonder’s technology: High-performance,long-life battery technology in applications”

Beyonder is an innovative Norwegian energy storage-technology company focused on high-performance batteries for industrial use. The company was founded in 2016 with the clear strategy and ambition to become the world’s most sustainable high-power battery cell technology company, increasing the use of renewable energy in industrial applications world-wide. Beyonder has designed battery cells particularly well suited for applications needing high-power, fast charging, and long lifetime. Beyonder’s technology offers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than current Li-ion battery technologies in applications requiring high power to mass ratio, fastcharge/ discharge (high C-rate) and longevity. The upcoming presentation will discuss some of these applications with Beyonder’s technology.