Mr. Sebastian Roth

Senior Manager Technology Strategy, Northvolt AB


Sebastian Roth currently holds the position as Head of Technology and Product Management at Northvolt where he is responsible for advancement of next generation cell products as well as related and strategic technology advancements related to Northvolt cells products on a global scale. Before joining Northvolt he worked in different functions in the automotive industry,  supporting strategic R&D work, strategy and operations. He received his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration of RWTH Aachen University,with focus on electromobility and production management. 


"Northvolt’sTechnology and Product Management: A competitive roadmap to sustainable highperformance batteries"

A competitive battery roadmap does not only need to achieve state-of-charge-art performance in energy density, fast charging and market standard of cycle life but also needs to stay competitive in cost. Achieving ambitious world leading sustainability targets at the same time is not a contradiction. This can, however, come with additional challenges, yet is it possible with an integrated development approach. This presentation will showcase based on recent example show high performance, competitive cost and sustainability can be combined.