Mr. William Sudah, Honeywell

Fire Safety Consultant, Honeywell


William Sudah is a mechanical engineer who has been with Honeywell for 20 years. His primary expertise lies in life safety systems. He collaborates directly with endusers, automotive companies, providing educational training and raising awareness on Gigafactory risks, accident prevention methods, design requirements, and the codes/ standards that must be adhered to. Additionally, William works directly with owner's consultants, architects, engineers, and fire protection engineers. He is also a principal member of NFPA 88A and has been frequently invited to present to Fire


"Fire Prevention Technology & Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Safety"

This presentation will illustrate the stages of lithium-ion battery failure, and how thermal runaway can be prevented with new detection technology. The presentation will also focus on lithium-ion battery manufacturing, addressing safety risks inherent at each phase of production and proposing preventative safety solutions. It will encompass the relevant codes and standards mandated for every stage of production, as well as the diverse approaches taken to mitigate fire threats and ensure people's safety within their jurisdictions.