Mr. Chris Price

Product Manager, Nikon X-ray & CT Systems


Chris joined Nikon’s X-ray team in 2016 as an Applications Engineer where he demonstrated systems, trained customers and provided technical support.

As a Product Manager he is responsible for the development of new features, solutions and products in Nikon’s range of X-ray CT solutions.

Chris' current focus is on applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for reliable high-speed X-ray CT inspection.


Lifting the Limits: Utilising Deep Learning AI with X-ray ComputedTomography.

Traditionally, CT users have been made to choose between faster but lower-quality; or slower but higher-quality CT scans. Important details may be missed in the tradeoff for increased throughput.

In this presentation you'll learn how AI Reconstruction breaks this compromise by using Deep Learning to filter noise and improve clarity. Trained to distinguish relevant information from scan artifacts, users benefit from automated enhancement tailored to their specific needs, allowing users to discover subtle flaws which may have previously been invisible to standard CT, while simultaneously boosting the speed of routine inspection.

AI Reconstruction is ideal for both laboratory and production environments demanding pinpoint defect detection and high throughput.