Dr. Arno Meingast

Business Development Manager Clean Energy, Thermo Fisher Scientific


Dr. Arno Meingast is Business Development Managerfor clean energy in the DACH region. He has 13 years of experience in transmission electron microscopy in industrial and academic surroundings. He obtained his PhD at the Technical University of Graz where he focused on analytical techniques such as EDS and EELS. After that he moved to Sweden where he continued this focus working for several years as senior TEM scientist in industry. Thereafter he worked for six years as senior applications specialist in the European demonstration lab of Thermo Fisher Scientific (NanoPort) in Eindhoven.


"Thermo Fisher Scientific: analytical workhorses in battery R&D, QC and failureanalysis"

Structural and analytical characterization of raw materials, finished cells and failure analysis of cells is one of the key assets understood by large scale battery manufacturing companies. Materials characterization matters both during production of current generation Li-ion batteries and in the development of next generation batteries (https://bit.ly/3IaDEYs). In this talk we will present the essential analytical tools to cover the key aspect of materials characterization for the three mayor cases: R&D, QC and FA. This includes an automated workflow to analyze raw materials regarding the key parameters as size, shape and chemical composition. Furthermore, we will showcase the needs of sample preparation, sample transfer and analysis under inert conditions highlighted by the development of solid-state batteries (https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2023/cc/d3cc00516j).

Additionally, we will show in-line platforms for the precise thickness and coating weight measurement of electrode coatings, separator films, and calendered electrodes (https://bit.ly/42CKnmd).


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