Mr. Dominique Burgeff

Global EV Market Manager, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions


Educated as a mechanical engineer in France & USA, Dominique has over 30 years of experience at Saint-Gobain, mainly in the Automotive sector. As the Global EV Market Manager for Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions and located in Germany, he has been closely involved in the xEV market expansion over the last decade. During this time, Dominique has championed the development of several high-performance solutionsfor EV battery pack gasketing, battery cell mechanical & thermal management, thermal runaway protection & battery cooling, starting all the way from the early EV packs and now powering the future models.


“Saint-Gobain Solutions for EV Batteries”

At Saint-Gobain High Performance Solutions, we have been develping multi-functional materials to address the constantly evolving needs of the lithium-ion battery cells and packs, especially for EV application. Saint-Gobain’s expertise in engineered materials (ceramics, plastics, glass, glassfiber, composites) allow us to contribute with solutions along the entire value-chain.This presentation will highlight some of our solutions, from inorganic solid-electrolytes supporting the development of solid-state technology, to the foam/fiber/inorganic composites & laminates used as solutions for protecting modules & packs and mitigating thermal runaway.

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