Dr. Stian Madshus

VP and General Manager Europe, Vianode


Stian Madshus is the Deputy CEO and Head of Development in Vianode. With a true passion for materials science and a solid understanding of the industry’s requirements and challenges, Stian is committed to provide the lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers with high-performance anode materials produced in a sustainable way.

Stian was awarded a PhD degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology specializing in carbon materials technology. He has since held various leadership positions in Elkem within process management, product management and international marketing and sales.


The graphite used in modern high-performance lithium-ion battery cells is an advanced engineered material. It has a major impact on important battery cell properties such as energy density, fast charge capabilities and cyclelife. Today’s anode graphite production often comes with a major environmental footprint. In this presentation, it will be discussed how production of high-performance anode materials can be performed in a sustainable way and an introduction to Vianode will be given.


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