Mr. Anthony Chalou

Mr. Anthony Chalou

Global Market Development Manager, Anton Paar


Currently holds the position of Market Development Manager for the battery industry at Anton Paar. Chemist by training with more than 17 years of experience in analytical chemistry applications and instrument sales. Areas of expertise broadly categorized under: spectroscopy, chromatography and material characterization


"Physical Characterization of Battery Materials" The safety, performance, and lifetime of a lithium-ion battery will only be as good as the materials that go into making it. Specifically, the electrodes, separator, and electrolyte need to be fully characterized and monitored from the time they enter the production facility until they are incorporated into the final product. Parameters tha have to be measured include: electrode surface area, crystal structure, particle and crystallite size, pore size, electrode slurry flow and curing properties, chemical purity of raw materials, separator pore size and structural properties, electrolyte viscosity, and density.

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