Mr. Urban Widén

Mr. Urban Widén

Sales Manager Europe, ANWHA (Shanghai) Automation Engineering Co., LTD.


Urban Widén holds the position as sales manager for Europe for Anwha since 2022. Urban Widén has a background of many years in manufacturing automation solutions fo rautomotive industry as well as general industry. With an MSc in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University in Göteborg, he started working in the field of laser materials processing in 1990, and have been involved in laser application development, laser process tools development, laser safety standards development, and project management for automation projects. Urbanalso have had a position as R&D manager for a automation company, and havebeen providing consultancy in the fields of business development, quality management, project management, and laser safety.



"Cell-To-Pack: Key processes for high speed automated assembly"

The assembly of battery cells into modules and pack includes a large number of processes, both in the fields of assembly and in materials processing. Some of the processes are of particular interest, as they create challenges to thea utomation solutions, and are at the same time key to mastering the production of optimal modules and pack designs. We look into some of the most critical processes, where Anwha have made also practical experience: cell-to-tray stacking, without intermediate formation of modules, application of adhesive solutions such as adhesive tape, pads, and dispensing of adhesive paste, and laser welding of bus-bars.

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