Gaurav Assat (PhD)

Strategic Project Manager, EV Batteries - Saint-Gobain


Based in Saint-Gobain’s HQ inParis, Gaurav is coordinating commercial & technical activities across all global business units of Saint-Gobain that produce high-performance innovative solutions using inorganics, plastics, & glass-fibers for use across the EV battery value-chain, covering from minerals extraction all the way up to EV battery pack protection. He joined Saint-Gobain 4 years ago and developed a now patented class of novel superionic inorganic electrolytes for solid-state batteries. Before Saint-Gobain, Gaurav completed his PhD on high-energy cathode materials with Prof. J-M Tarascon in Paris. His passion for xEV batteries initiated 10 years ago at UT Austin researching LFP/LFMP cathodes.


“Saint-Gobain Solutions for EV Batteries”

At Saint-Gobain High Performance Solutions, we have been develping multi-functional materials to address the constantly evolving needs of the lithium-ion battery cells and packs, especially for EV application. Saint-Gobain’s expertise in engineered materials (ceramics, plastics, glass, glassfiber, composites) allow us to contribute with solutions along the entire value-chain.This presentation will highlight some of our solutions, from inorganic solid-electrolytes supporting the development of solid-state technology, to the foam/fiber/inorganic composites & laminates used as solutions for protecting modules & packs and mitigating thermal runaway.

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