Mr. Kevin Campbell

Mr. Kevin Campbell

Global Head of Strategy, Digatron Power Electronics GmbH


Kevin Campbell, the former Germany CEO of Digatron Power Electronics GmbH, now positioned within Digatron Group headquarters in Aachen, is now responsible for of all the worldwide Digatron Group of companies as the Global Head of Strategy and Market Development. Digatron Group is a global manufacturer of Battery Lifecycle Testers, Lithium Cell assembly, and Formation, Ageing & Testing (FA&T)Production Formation equipment. Over his 30 years in the battery testing business, Kevin has provided testing solutions to battery industry customers achieving this whilst living across various continents and countries including UK, Germany, France, USA and Australia.


"Formation, Ageing and Testing (FAT), a comprehensive turnkey proposal from the DigatronGroup."

The battery industry demands integrated and efficient solutions to address the formation, aging, and finishing processes of cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells. In response to this need, Digatron Systems presents a comprehensive "turnkey"solution that covers all critical aspects of these processes. The proposed solution includes formation power electronics, formation chambers, ageing chamber solutions, coupled with final testing and classification devices.

From laboratory-scale to gigawatt projects, DigatronSystems (Italy) solution can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each project. Its integrated nature and "turnkey" approach offer significant advantages, enabling an efficient production process ,ensuring optimal plant management and full regenerative energy recovering during discharge. This solution represents a significant leap forward in the battery industry, contributing to increased efficiency and sustainability in the finishing process of cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells.

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