Dr. Stefan Permien, UniverCell

CEO & Founder, UniverCell GmbH


Dr. Stefan Permien studied chemistry at the university of Kiel. During his PhD he focused on lithium-ion batteries,  especially on research for materials and reaction mechanism. He also completed a master of Business Administration at the university of Lahr. Afterwards he worked 3 years as the CTO at Customcells Itzehoe.
In April 2019 he founded UniverCell to start his own electrode and cell business. Since then he is CEO, founder and stakeholder of UniverCell. Together with his team he wants to build up a unique electrode and cell production in and for Europe. With the aim to harness sustainable energy and to develop energy storage systems that challenge the status quo.  


"Development of high energy cells for prime applications"

Achieving higher energy density at cell and pack level is a key enabler for e.g. drone applications or air cabs. The next level of energy density requires an anode with a high silicone content or a pure silicone anode combined with a state-of-the-art cathode material. We will present the status of the development of such a cell as well as theoretical calculations for further development steps.


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