Dr. David Brown

Dr. David Brown

CEO, BroadBit Batteries


David Brown, PhD has a wide ranging research, engineering, consulting and entrepreneurial background. He is the founder and founding CEO of BroadBit Batteries Inc, Canatu Inc, Particle Stream Technologies, Teicos Pharma Inc, Almakor Inc and StreamWise and StreamWise Finland Inc. and has been their primary driver for commercializing basic research. He has raised and managed over 50M$ and has more than 150 scientific articles, 300 patents and applications and 200 invited talks on, for instance, battery technology,nanotechnology and nanomaterials, synthesis and applications of advanced materials and modeling and algorithms for designing synthesis and manufacturing processes and characterizing materials. He has worked as an independent contractor for many important technology players including NASA, Honda, DuPont, NIST, Daikin Industries, VTT, Liekki, PSI and Discovery Labs, specializing in aerosol-fluid dynamics, atmospheric physics, particle measurement and in the design and optimization of nanomaterial synthesis reactors and component manufacturing equipment. He was twice nominated for the European Inventor of the Year award.


"Ultralow cost, highly scaleable and sustainable Na-Salt batteries for hybrid daily /seasonal battery storage applications"

BroadBit Batteries has invented and is commercializing a range of battery technologies to improve battery performance and reduce the use of rare and toxic materials, both during use and during production. In this talk, BroadBit Batteries will present recent developments in its low cost and ecological Na-Salt technology for high-power, high-energy and high-efficiency applications in EV and grid storage use cases,particularly for hybrid daily / seasonal applications, as well as innovations to improve the performance and sustainability of existing LCO, NMC,LFP and LMFP Li-ion batteries.


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