Mr. Shmuel De-Leon

CEO, Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd.


Shmuel De-Leon, Founder and CEO of the company.

Shmuel is a leading international expert in the business of Energy storage. Prior to founding the company, Shmuel held for over 21 years various positions as an energy storage, electronic engineering and quality contro lteam manager. Shmuel holds a  BSc. in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA in quality control and reliability engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa as well as an Electronic Technician’s diploma. Shmuel is an advisory board member of several industry companies.


Li-Ion cylindrical cell market is very dynamic with standard sizing and new 46800 cell size. That market mainly support EV, ESS, Power tools, E-Bike and Medical markets.

Presentation reviews the main technical innovationas wells as main market players and current status.

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