Mr. Saurabh Bopte

Materials Engineer, Soteria Battery Innovation Group


‘’Saurabh is an expert in PVD metallization, materials characterization, and carbon nano materials synthesis. Currently, he is working as a Materials Engineer at Soteria Europe GmbH, focusing on Li-ion battery safety measures. Saurabh received his master’s degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from IIT Madras, India, and worked as a Research Assistant at the Chemistry Department, TU Darmstadt for three years.’’


"Eliminating the spark that ignites thermalrunaway in lithium-ion batteries"

Lithium-ion batteries ignite when the electrical energy in the battery is released,creating a spark that drives the batteries into thermal runaway.  In this presentation, the use of metallized polymer current collectors will be described which can act as a fuse inside the battery, eliminating the spark that can cause batteries to ignite.

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