Dr. Sven Seifert

Dr. Sven Seifert

Global Segment Manager at AVL


Dr.Sven Seifert is currently Global Segment Manager at AVL in Austria, where he isresponsible for global battery testing solutions from cell to pack in the areas of performance, environmental and safety testing. Before joining AVL, he worked as Head of R&D at Heinzinger electronic GmbH in thefield of power electronics for battery testers. He received his PhD from University of Armed Forces Munich, where the main focus of his research was on high voltage engineering and power electronics.


"AVL Development Ecosystem: Hardware and Software combined to improveyour Testfield Operation"

The operation of modern battery test laboratories confronts operators with challenges in many dimensions. In extreme cases, it means operating many thousands of test channels, which are fed with several hundred thousand testjobs per year. The resulting measurement data must be handled and analyzed efficiently, and the correct results derived for development and validation. Information, equipment, and personnel must be brought together in the best possible way.

This article presents some of these challenges in detail and shows how they can be solved in an optimal way with the integrated AVL system solution.


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